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21 Aug 2018

Indonesia's National Day

The Commandant, staff and all course participants of MAFDC Serial 38/2018 together with Indonesian Armed Forces course participant Col Pnb Firman Wirayuda celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia at Dewan Trisakti on 21st August 2018. The celebration started with the national anthem, 'Indonesia Raya' and a country brief on the Federal Republic of Indonesia. The event was concluded with a cake cutting ceremony graced by the Commandant and Deputy Commandant together with Col Pnb Firman Wirayuda. Later, all attendees were treated to the anniversary cake and lunch at Wisma Kancil.

The national flag of Indonesia is called 'Sang Saka Merah-Putih' (the sacred red and white) and was unveiled on August 17, 1945. The design is derived from the banner of Majapahit Empire in East Java which ruled in the region before the arrival of the Dutch. The flag consists two equal horizontal stripes; the top red and the bottom white. The red represents courage and the white is purity.

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