The MAFDC Course Serial 38/2018 Wives’ Enrichment Course was held from 9 to 11 February 2018 at the MAFDC Complex. The objectives of the course are to provide opportunity to interact and foster relationship amongst the wives, to develop and enhance their knowledge in assisting the husband in their future undertakings and to provide them an overview on the conduct of the MAFDC-UKM Programme. All Malaysian Course Participants’ wives were involved in this course.

The Commandant, staff and all course participants of MAFDC, together with Malaysian Maritime  Enforcement Agency (MMEA) course participant, Captain Maritime Saiful Lizan bin Ibrahim, celebrated the 13th Anniversary of MMEA on 15th  February 2018 in Dewan Trisakti.  Captain Maritime Saiful Lizan is the second course participant from MMEA who attend this course.

The celebration started with singing of MMEA official song ‘Maritim Perkasa’, followed by a MMEA brief by Captain Maritime Saiful Lizan.  The event was concluded with a cake cutting ceremony graced by the Commandant and members of DS Council together with Captain Maritime Saiful Lizan. Later, all attendees were treated to the anniversary cake and lunch at Wisma Kancil.  The MMEA Anniversary is celebrated every year on February 15.

30 Jan 18 – An Award-giving ceremony to the Best Employee for the Fourth Quarter of 2017 was held at Dataran Tadbir on 30 Jan 2018. The Award aims to honour the employee who had performed well in their job for the last quarter of 2017. The recipient of the award is 1158540 Kpl Mohd Sofian bin Jamaluddin.

On completion of the award giving ceremony, a birthday celebration was held to celebrate 18 staff that were born in the month of October up to Dec. The cake cutting ceremony was graced by the Commandant.

22 Jan 2018

The MAFDC Serial 38/2018 is a year long programme was officially opened on 8th January 2018 by Commandant of MAFDC. A total of 45 Course Participants(CP) consisting of 19 Malaysian Army Officers, eight Royal Malaysian Navy Officers, eight Royal Malaysian Air Force officers, one Royal Malaysian Police officer, one Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency officer, one Malaysian Civil Service officer and seven International officers from FIji, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

19 Jan 2018

The Graduation Ceremony for MAFDC Serial 37/2017 was held at the Trisakti Hall and officiated by the Deputy Defence Minister, YB Dato’ Sri Mohd Johari bin Baharum. This memorable and auspicious ceremony was also witnessed by other dignitaries from the military and civilian including the Course Participants’ spouses.

All 44 CP walked tall and proud during the MAFDC Diploma presentation by the Deputy Defence Minister. Three awards were given away to the following CP:

a. The Best MAF CP Award: Cdr Mohd Yusri bin Yusoff RMN.

b. The Best non-MAF CP Award: S Lt Col Goh Wee Tiong (Singapore Armed Forces).

c. The Best Research Project Award: Cdr Mohd Yusri bin Yusoff RMN.

18 Jan 2018

KUALA LUMPUR - The MAFDC celebrated the 83rd Anniversary of the Royal Malaysian Navy on 28th April 2017. The event was graced by the Commandant and attended by all DS, staff and Course Participants MAFDC 37/2017. The momentous event started with welcoming remarks by the Course Participant, Cdr Shahril Amir RMN, and concluded with cake cutting ceremony by the Commandant, Deputy Commandant, DS Navy and all RMN Course Participants. All attendees were given memento as a token of remembrance for the event.

18 Jan 2018

KUALA LUMPUR, 1st June 17-The Commandant, staff and all course participants of MAFDC, together with Royal Malaysian Air Force course participants celebrated its 59th Royal Malaysian Air Force Day on 1st June 2017 in Trisakti Hall. The celebration commenced with the singing of the RMAF song, 'Sentiasa di Angkasaraya' and followed by a video presentation on the evolution of the RMAF since its inception.

18 Jan 2018

The MAFDC 37/2017 Graduation Night was held on 20 December 2017 at Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel. The Graduation Night was held in conjunction with MAFDC Course 37/2017 Graduation Ceremony that was held in the morning of the day. All staffs, lecturers, supervisors, course participants and spouses dressed elegantly in their Black ties and evening attire. Through out the dinner, the guests were entertained by the Army's Engineering Institute band.

29 Aug 2017

KUALA LUMPUR. The third Diners’ Club for MAFDC Course Serial 37/2017 was successfully conducted on 23 August 2017 at the InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  The guest speaker was Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Omar bin Abdul Rahman, former lecturer from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant at SOAR Consultancy Sdn Bhd. He presented a talk entitle “Taking Leaders To The Next Level: Translating Strategic Plans Into Desired Results” followed by questions and answers session.  Among the invited guests who attended the event were ACOS Defence, Operation and Training Branch MAF HQ, COS Air Operation Command HQ and ACOS Naval Intelligence Navy HQ. The Diners’ Club is part of the course program that enabled course participants to interact with prominent personalities on related topics such as security, economic or current national issues in line with regional and global perspectives.

The Commandant Lecture Series (CLS) for Malaysian Armed Force Defence College (MAFDC) Course Serial 37/2017 serves as a platform for exchange of information and interaction on strategic, security, defence, leaderships and international relations issues with selected prominent individuals. On 5 June 2017, MAFDC was honoured to host the United Kingdom High Commissioner to Malaysia, H.E Victoria Marguerite Treadell, as the guest speaker, accompanied by Col Stephen Hall, the United Kingdom’s Defence Attaché. She talked on “Foreign Policy Option and Regional Security: The Importance of South East Asia to Britain” and followed by a question and answers session.

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