Objectives for the establishment of the Association are:

1.  To establish and be a professional body of experts from the defence and security fraternity with expertise in various fields, and encourage expedience 1 towards achieving this goal.

2.  To promote professionalism and encourage post-graduate education especially in doctoral studies among officers and personnel of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

3.  To provide consultation and act as a body of reference on defence and security or other related matters of importance that are of common interest.

4.  To promote and enhance the status of individual members by facilitation and provision of networking for the exchange of knowledge, information and expertise, in matters of mutual concern.

5.  To be a resource in the sharing of knowledge with the respective services of the Malaysian Armed Forces, National Defence University, and other training establishments through the provision of experts particularly for the conduct of courses, seminars, workshops, forums and conferences where required.

6.  To facilitate and network with other associations, universities, institutes, and to pro-vide mutual enhancement and benefit among members respectively.