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Khamis, Februari 11, 2016
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Capaian Kurang Upaya W3C

Text Reader for Internet Explorer

  • Install MS Speech API. The API is installed by default for Windows 2000 and above.
  • Install at least one Speech Engine. Speech engine is a "voice" that can be male or female, and can speak English or any other language but for this moment, we only provide English.
  • Download and install Page-Reader Bar. Page-Reader Bar will enable you to read the selected page.
  • Activate Page-Reader Bar as shown below:


From the Page-Reader Bar:


    • Click to start reading. You can select any part of the text to start the reading process.
    • Click to stop reading.
    • Click to select voice and adjust speech parameters (pitch, volume etc.).
    • Click to open help manual.

Color Selection

There are 12 preset styles for users to choose from. It is expandable by clicking the arrow on the left side of the page.

Text Resizer

Resize the font size according to your needs. This feature is available at the top of the page.
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